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Over  30  years  of Experience Working in  the

Architectural Design &  Construction  Industry

Geoff Thors

Although the foundation of my training began in the early 1980's in the classrooms of Boston University's School for the Arts and the Boston Architectural Center, the majority of my education has been in the field ~


My professional career began with a commercial design-build firm in downtown Boston. Being a relatively small company, I had a unique opportunity to gain a great deal of diverse training & experience in many facets of both residential and commercial design, development and construction ~


In the late Eighties, I  was offered a position with a residential development firm on Martha's Vineyard. having originally grown up on the North Shore of Long Island with a deep love for the ocean and a more rural lifestyle, I made the decision to  move with my wife from the Boston area to the Island, drawn by the idea of raising a family in such an idylic setting ~


During these past  3 decades, I have continued to learn, grow and refine my skills through many aliances with various developers, architects and contractors. I've been very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with many wonderful clients that have come to me, almost exculsively by referral through previous clients and contractors, to collaborate and solve the unique challenges that are inherent in the residential design  industry; with the intent of enhancing peoples' daily lives through the design of their living environment ~ 

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